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7-in-1 Giraffe camera crane

Our super-quiet gasoline-powered camera car vents exhaust up and away, keeping the crew from sucking fumes. 

Our brand new 2009 MQ SuperQuiet Crystal Sync Generator delivers 200 amps of electricty and will NOT let you down.  With three tow points on both sides of the car, and a 7 foot wide wrap-around porch, this is a camera car that out-paces all the others.

Mount our 7-in-1 Giraffe camera crane and you've got the only crane car in the South that gives you this much unparelleled flexibility to get the shots you need.  Add our remote head, and you've got a 40 foot lens height!

Our Process Trailer gives you

Our camera car and crane car give you

Giraffe Crane

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Camera Car with attached Giraffe Crane
7-in-1 Giraffe Crane
7-in-1 Giraffe Crane